Aerial Program


Discover the art of aerial silks, where you’ll master the art of climbing, inverting, and elegantly wrapping yourself into breathtaking positions!

As you progress through the levels, you’ll unravel the secrets of mesmerising drops and captivating skills that will leave you in awe.


Explore the grace of aerial hammock, learning to enter and exit the hammock with elegance while creating stunning shapes!

Come and learn how to seamlessly transition between moves, allowing your routines to flow effortlessly.


Start your journey with the fundamentals and watch your strength grow as you learn and play on the lyra.

You will master the art of moving within the lyra, every twist, turn and pose showing off your dedication!


Begin by mastering the basics and building your strength as you learn fundamental skills!

As you progress, a world of impressive tricks, rolls, and captivating transitions within the Trapeze awaits you.

Doubles Lyra

Learn how to do exciting tricks together with a friend on one lyra! Explore all the amazing moves you can do together and master the art of smoothly transitioning in and out of these moves.

Join our doubles class with a friend – it’s all about having a blast and creating fantastic memories! You’ll leave the class feeling super excited and energised!


In this class, our main goal is to boost your strength using various aerial apparatus’s and a variety of floor exercises. We’re here to enhance your leg and arm strength while also improving your core stability.

Our exercises are tailored to match your unique fitness level and requirements, ensuring that every class is both effective and enjoyable.

Intro To Aerials

Are you up for a taste of everything? This class is all about exploring a new apparatus each week, including silks, hammock, lyra, and trapeze! It’s the perfect way to discover which one you love the most and want to dive deeper into!

Mums And Kids (5+ Years)

Would you like to join us and experience the world of aerials with a loved one? Mums and daughters, dads and sons, aunts and nieces, or any family duo can now explore their choice of apparatus together! Get in touch with us today for more information.

Age Groups & Pricing