Adult Aerial Classes


In the hammock you will learn to move your body in new ways, hang upside down in the hammock and build incredible strength as you learn skills. You will leave each class with a sense of accomplishment and excited to come back the next week!


You will learn the art of flipping yourself upside down to climb up into the Lyra, guided by our encouraging instructors. Witness your confidence grow within a community of like-minded adults


Begin your journey of Aerial Silks in our supportive classes, where you will learn how to climb the silks, invert and get yourself into pretty poses. Every achievement will be celebrated as we encourage you on!


As you start to hang off of the Trapeze, you will begin with the basics and be amazed as your confidence grows as you achieve new skills each week! We will support you

Not really sure where to start? Join our Intro to Aerials class! Explore a new apparatus each week in a supportive, welcoming environment. You will get to work on Silks, Hammock, Lyra and Trapeze. It is the perfect way to discover your favourite apparatus with lots of encouragement along the way!

Are you looking to increase your strength? Come along to a conditioning class where you will learn exercises both on various apparatus’s and on the floor to increase your strength all round!