Contortion And Acro

Have you ever dreamed of achieving mind-bending flexibility, mastering gravity-defying over splits, and creating breathtaking backbends? Then contortion is calling your name!

In our classes, you will not only learn how to safely increase your flexibility but you will also be supported to increase your strength as you work towards those iconic contortion skills! Your will leave each class feeling excited having reached further into your flexibility. Your contortion journey starts here!


Are you wanting to learn how to do backbends, rolls and handstands? Our acro classes are tailor made to support you as you develop the essential strength and body awareness needed to learn acro skills.

You will start off learning the basics of acro, as we guide you through the fundamentals you will leave each class feeling encouraged and with a sense of accomplishment!

As your confidence builds, you will move to the next level and start to learn how to do consecutive rolls, walkovers, limbers and many other captivating acrobatic skills.